About Municipal Statistics
By state law, the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) is responsible for collecting a variety of data from counties, cities, boroughs, first class townships, second class townships, school districts, and municipal authorities. The Governor’s Center for Local Government Services fulfills this requirement by utilizing a variety of forms:
  • The Tax Information Form is used to capture tax rates for the upcoming year from municipal and county governments as well as school districts. The municipal and county forms are due in mid-January while the school district form is due in mid-June. Tax rates reported on the Tax Information Form are reflected on www.newpa.com in the Tax Register which is the official source for employers to determine withholding rates for their employees.
  • The Report of Elected and Appointed Officials form is completed by both municipal and county governments and is due to DCED in the end of January. Captured on this form are the names and contact information for all common local government official classifications. The data from this form feeds a mailing label function on the DCED website and many government agencies use this feature when conducting mass mailings.
  • The Survey of Financial Condition is completed by both municipal and county governments and is due in mid-March. This filing is required by Act 47 and assists the Center in identifying communities which may be in financial distress. Once identified, the Center’s regional staff can reach out to these communities to determine if technical assistance, grants and/or loans are warranted.
  • The Annual Audit and Financial Report is completed by the elected or appointed auditor(s) for municipal and county governments and is due to the Center anywhere from early-March to early-May depending on the classification of the government entity. This form allows DCED to report online on a variety of financial considerations such as: tax revenues, charges for service, state and federal revenue, police and fire expenditures, general government costs, public works expenditures, and debt.
  • The Annual Report of Municipal Authorities form also provides a breadth of financial data. Authorities are required to have a CPA report accompany this form and the deadline for filing varies based on the authority’s fiscal year end. Data captured by this form includes items such as cash, investments, fixed assets, liabilities, debt, and contributed capital as well as operating and non-operating revenues and expenses.